Give it a Whirl

Give it a Whirl

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to think about cool ideas to beat the heat. Ceiling fans are a cost-efficient way to make summer a breeze – but did you know you can also use them in winter? Ceiling fans create good airflow, keeping your home cool in the summer, warmer in the winter and dry all year-round. The DC fan range, available from Lightingplus, comes in a range of modern designs to suit any home or bach.

The DC ceiling fan range has been fitted with a much smaller motor than traditional ceiling fans making them whisper quiet – perfect for cooling any room in the house. With a high blade pitch of up to 18°, Lightingplus ceiling fans are also able to circulate large volumes of air with ease. Did we mention they are also energy efficient? Using just 3-5 watts on low speed, or 30-45 on high, the DC ceiling fan range has a very low power consumption, so you can reduce your cooling and heating costs considerably all year-round.

Fans for Every Season

You might associate fans with cooling a space. But Lightingplus ceiling fans are not just for summer. Their gentle motion circulates the warm air that naturally rises to the ceiling back to ground level, improving ambient room temperature. Simply select ‘summer’ or ‘winter’ mode on your DC fan remote for a comfortable setting, whatever the weather.

Made for Real Lives

With their multi-functional and user-friendly design, Lightingplus DC fans are made to suit people just like you. All DC fans come equipped with a remote, giving you full control of fan speed, air flow direction and light (if your fan has one). Lightingplus can also advise on installation options, including ceiling height and mounting recommendations.

Traditional ceiling fans can be bulky and clunky – but with Lightingplus, style does does not have to compromise function. The Lightingplus range of DC ceiling fans and accessories features everything from sleek, contemporary, minimalist looks to traditional designs and rustic wood, so your fan can fit right into your home. 

Now is the time to take one for a spin.