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Zuma 10-10-8 Fabric Shade


Medium sized shades
Suitable for mounting directly onto a standard batten holder or onto a touch lamp base like the Lancet
Suitable for 2.4m ceiling height


  • They can be used in a variety of settings, from dining, family room, bedrooms or stairways. They offer a quick and effective way to add a designer look to your lighting


  • Height: 205mm
  • Diameter: 254mm

Recommended Lamps (Sold Separately)

  • Energy saver - Max wattage: 20w   
  • Lamp: 240V Energy Saver   
  • Base: BC
  • Incandescent - Max wattage: 60w   
  • Lamp: 240V GLS   
  • Base: BC


  • Black - *ZUMA 10-10-8 BLACK TC SHADE(B22)Black
  • Lucille Silver - ZUMA 10-10-8 SILVER LASER CUT SHADE(B22)Lucille Silver
  • Lucille White - *ZUMA 10-10-8 WHITE LASER CUT SHADE(B22)Lucille White
  • Resene Pravda - *ZUMA 10-10-8 RESENE PRAVDA GY SHDE(B22)Resene Pravda
  • Resene Rose of Sharon - *ZUMA 10-10-8 RESENE ROSE SHARON SHD(B22Resene Rose of Sharon
  • Resene Sundial - **ZUMA 10-10-8 RESENE SUNDIAL SHADE(B22Resene Sundial
  • Satin Silver - *ZUMA 10-10-8 S/SILVER SHADE(B22)Satin Silver
  • White Paper Knit - **ZUMA 10-10-8 WHITE PAPER KNIT SHD(B22)White Paper Knit
  • Light Cyan - *ZUMA 10-10-8 LIGHT CYAN SHADE(B22)Light Cyan
  • Resene Koru - *ZUMA 10-10-8 RESENE KORU GREEN SHDE(B22Resene Koru
  • Resene Vermont Green - *ZUMA 10-10-8 RESENE VERMONT GREEN(B22)Resene Vermont Green
  • White - *ZUMA 10-10-8 WHITE TC SHADE(B22)White
  • White Wave - *ZUMA 10-10-8 WHITE WAVE FABRIC SHD(B22)White Wave


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