Recess the right way with LED

Recess the right way with LED

Not since the lightbulb was first invented have we seen such a shift in lighting technology. Whether it is the power saving or the convenience of not having to replace a lamp, Light Emitting Diode (LED) is definitely the way of the future.

The upside of LED for you is:

• Low power consumption is a key benefit of LED. Making the change from halogen could reduce your lighting energy use by 80%.

• Older style open backed R80 downlights allow heat to exit the room, but more importantly for the person who does the cleaning at home, our new technology downlights mean no more dust from the roof will be throughout your home.

• Not having to get the ladder out to change a lightbulb in a poorly placed fitting in a stairwell is a very good thing to avoid. Long life LED downlights will eliminate this hazard from your life.

What are you looking for when you go LED shopping?

• We know price can be a problem, but not when it comes to Lightingplus product. With us you can switch to LED for less than you’d think. Jump online and see how little our Chip and Tegra downlights are.

• It’s a little bit technical but don’t be intimidated. A term you may never have heard of before is CRI (Colour Rendering Index). This simply means that colours appear as they would in natural light. We recommend higher CRI downlights like our Gyro, for areas like your kitchen, bathroom, living room or wardrobe. People, clothes and food look different when lit with CRI 80.

Two technologies have emerged.

The first is Panel LED, like our Lons and Tegra range. A variety of sizes, and wattages are available. They are reliable, efficient, represent good value and provide a high level of general light. Consider this product when replacing existing R80 downlights.

The other option is our reflector downlights, like our Gyro and Ridge range. These are a great replacement option for old 12v halogen downlights. Their reflector design produces a smooth light, has great distribution, and helps to eliminate dark spots and shadows.

Don’t want to re-plaster or repaint your ceiling?

Across our downlight range, we have over 10 cut-out sizes available. So one of these could easily be a direct replacement for your existing downlight. Don’t despair if it’s not.

We have a variety of convertor plates available to give you even more options.

If you have been enjoying the versatility, and like the look of the twin halogen downlights in your home; we have the only LED upgrade available. The twin Gyro and convertor plate is easy to install and helps retain the look and feel that you love, while providing the additional benefits that LED offers.

See our full range and catalogue online, or better still come and see us for an in-store demonstration.